Life Coverage

Basic Term Life Insurance


Basic Term Life Insurance, which is paid for by your employer and offered through Mutual of Omaha, provides you with a certain level of coverage for your loves ones in the event of your death. Your designated Beneficiary would receive this benefit which could be used for funeral and other expenses they may face.


Voluntary Term Life Insurance


It’s not easy to think about how our loved ones will survive financially should we no longer be with them. Although Basic Life Insurance does provide them with some benefit in the event of our death, will that be enough? Unfortunately, when a primary wage earner passes away, 34% of households would have immediate trouble paying everyday living expenses, 29% could cover everyday living expenses for only several months, and only 36% could cover everyday living expenses well into the future.

While there are many different ways to estimate how much money your dependents may need, we suggest a combined amount of term life insurance that is five to eight times your annual income as a good starting place. Again, this is an estimated amount of life insurance coverage you and your family could consider. A complete financial plan for your family should take into account your specific circumstances including your debt, other obligations, available resources and many other factors. The Voluntary Life insurance offered to eligible employees through your employer is currently provided through Mutual of Omaha.