Effective 2020, the City of South Fulton benefit plan year will begin October 1 and run through September 30. Open Enrollment will be held earlier than usual in advance of this new plan year kick-off date. Employees will learn more about this change closer to the fall of 2020.

As a New Hire, you have 30 days from your date of hire to enroll in benefits. All other employees are able to make benefits changes once a year during the annual Open Enrollment. Once you’ve completed your benefit elections you cannot make changes to those elections until the next plan year unless you experience an eligible qualifying event (see Mid-Year Benefits Changes tab).

Please note: Employees can only access the Paycheck Flex Benefits Enrollment system via a computer or tablet. You are unable to enroll through a mobile device.

City of South Fulton uses the Paycheck Flex system for benefits enrollment. Please navigate here if you need assistance with registering.

Should you have any questions about your benefits eligibility or need enrollment assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Bobby Sims or Carolyn Vann at Northwestern Benefit (1-877-711-3597; bsims@onedigital.com; cvann@onedigital.com).